Safeguard Your Vehicle’s Exterior

We offer ceramic coating in Las Vegas, NV and Honolulu, HI

Are you tired of trying to keep your car’s coat clean? Automotive Emporium LLC offers ceramic coating to maintain your vehicle’s beauty and protect its paint. Ceramic coating offers an array of benefits, including:

Protection from weather
Protection from dust and dirt
Additional gloss on the surface

Auto ceramic coatings make it difficult for dirt and grime to bond to the car’s coating, making your vehicle easier to clean. Think of it as liquid, hardened glass that’s applied on top of your car’s paint. Contact Automotive Emporium LLC today to learn more about ceramic coatings in the Honolulu, HI area and our new Las Vegas, NV location.

Give your vehicle long-lasting protection

We offer two types of ceramic coatings, Ceramic Pro and CQuartz Finest. We can put the coating on any vehicle as long as the paint is in good condition. It typically takes a few days to apply but can vary based on the condition of the car. Most of the ceramic coatings come with a warranty ranging from two years to lifetime. Visit Automotive Emporium to protect your car’s paint in Honolulu, HI.