We’ll keep your paint looking great

Automotive Emporium LLC installs paint protective film in Las Vegas, NV and Honolulu, HI

Much like ceramic coatings, paint protection film is applied to a vehicle when you want to protect the paint. While ceramic coatings are liquid, hardened glass, paint protection film is a membrane that adheres to the vehicle’s coat. Automotive Emporium LLC offers paint protection film that will protect your car’s paint from:


Paint protection film is the best form of impact protection that’s currently on the market. Visit Automotive Emporium today to get car paint protection in Honolulu, HI and our newest Las Vegas, NV location.

Who Offers Paint Protection Film in Honolulu, HI?

We offer a few brands of paint protection film and will discuss the differences with you. Most brands come with a 10-year warranty. The self-healing film is water repellent and virtually invisible. We will customize the coverage of the film to suit your needs, too. Give your car the paint protection it needs by contacting Automotive Emporium today.