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If you baby your car or truck like I do, then check out Automotive Emporium for detail and cleaning service. I brought in two Mercedes Benz vehicles, a cabriolet and an SUV, for them to clean off water spots and overspray/fallout. The cars were returned to me spotless!

If you want to keep your vehicle in great condition let Robert and Lea assist. I highly recommend Automotive Emporium.

5 stars - service, value, and professionalism.

Geoff P.

Honolulu, HI

They are the sweetest and very honest. They explained what my options were and answered whatever questions I had. I love the outcome and will be coming back for the maintenance for sure.

Maggie T.

For the third year in a row, Robert has worked his magic. My car looks like it just came off the showroom. He is meticulous in terms of the precision of his work. I highly recommend this place. You just can't go wrong. If you want the best detailing on the island, come here.

Tim K.

Honolulu, HI

This is the best spot to get your vehicle detailed. My husband and I first brought or leased car here to get it detailed before we turned it in. They did a superb job cleaning between the door jams, under the seats and between panels, basically the car looked new when it was finished. I loved the service so much that I brought our other vehicle here to also get it detailed and I again was very satisfied with the results. My husband was so jealous he made an appointment to bring his car in to spruce it up.

Kerlene B.

Car detailing is a labor of love. I am glad Robert loves what he does and takes his time on each one of them. I took in my 2012 Lexus IS350 F-sport in. Robert explained what process was for my car. Like removing stretches,paint corrections on some parts of the car and etc. Robert explained how long the process was and I understood why he had to take his time. It is not a quick and easy process. If you want to do something right. Do it the first time don't expect your car to be done quickly. Quality is more important to me than how fast you can get it done. So Robert deserves 5 star because he explained the process knew what he was doing and took his time with my car. I didn't really care how long it took because I really like the final results.

Jensen W.

Honolulu, HI

Auto Emporium is a great, friendly, caring team who spent the entire day detailing my 2002 Toyota Camry that needed a LOT of love, and thoroughly received it. I purchased the advanced detail job and Robert was concerned about not being able to fully correct the very much oxidized roof of my car, so he graciously added in a complimentary headlight restoration and glass window treatment that's supposed to repel rain for up to a year. The headlights look new and get 50-100 more feet of visibility. They went over every inch and buffed out the majority of a big scratch I had on the passenger side rear door. I'm pretty sure now my co-workers won't make fun of me for having a dull, embarrassing car. Thank you Automotive Emporium for wonderful service and I'll be back, probably with my fiancé's car too.

Christina L.

My husband and I visited Automotive Emporium to find a place to do a paint correction and permanent coating for my 2013 Lexus 450h. My husband is very selective and talked to Robert for over an hour. Clearly Robert is a car guy because my husband ran a business where they modified European cars and did car shows and races. My husband said Robert is a detailer's detailer and that Robert would do a good job.

We left the Lexus with them for a few days. Robert and his wife Leah personally did the paint correction on my car and applied Ceramic Pro a permanent coating. My Lexus is Starfire White Pearl and when it was done it really popped. The sun was out and the car was a bright glossy white and the pearl essence really came alive. Robert used lights and was constantly looking at reflections at the surface at an angle which perfected the surface beyond "new".

It's been over a month since the car was done and it still looks new. Although my car is a 2013 it looks better than a new one. We actuall saw it side by side with a new one at Lexus and ours clearly had a deeper gloss.

We live on the windward side and its been raining a lot. I don't like the muddy water from all the rain but I noticed the muddy water just rolls off of the surface. After parking in the rain the muddy water just rolls off of the car. Sweet, free car wash. My husband loves the coating, he doesn't have to wash my white car every week it looks good even after it rains. My husband talks about Robert as if he's his best friend now that he doesn't have to wash the cars so often.

I highly recommend Robert and Leah, they do an awesome job and are really nice people.

Nia C.

Kailua, HI

Been going to Auto Emporium for over a year now. I have to say that besides myself they are the only ones I let detail my car. I've always felt that the only person who will really take care of your car right is you, because you are the one paying for it and maintaining it. It makes sense that you would take pride in it and want to keep it clean. I found that Rob and Leah share that same philosophy and do just as good or better a job than I could ever do.

Whenever I take my car down for an appt I always have to budget an extra half hour or so because we always end up talking about cars. Porsche, BMW, Toyota, FIAT, it doesn't matter, Rob is a fan of all of them and devotes the same amount of attention in cleaning them. It's very comforting to know that when I talk to Rob about how I would like my car cleaned, it's Rob that will actually do the work and not some other employee. Their location behind ward theaters is also convenient because I usually just go get something to eat or watch a movie while I wait.

Like a closely kept secret, it's been kind of a selfish thing of mine to not praise them too much because then I might not be able to get an appt if they get too popular. But then again, I'm a horrible secret keeper. I wouldn't say they are the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. If you want your car done right and don't mind waiting, go see Rob and Leah. If you want quick and dirty, there are gas stations and tents full of strangers who will wash your car with dirty rags for much less.

EisBlau I.

Honolulu, HI

BEST PLACE EVER! Highly recommend to EVERYONE!

Let me start off by saying that Robert and his wife are amazing at what they do!

Location: Their location is really good. They are not located in a busy area. And it is near Primo Popcorn!

Service: Service was on point for Automotive Emporium! I described what I wanted and they already knew what package of their ClearGuard PPF to set me up with.

Price: Price was very reasonable!

Quality: Very smooth and unnoticeable PPF.

We dropped off our brand new Lexus NX200T F Sport on Saturday and it was ready to pick up the very next day! We had our full front hood, front bumper, all four door sills, and luggage kit done. Very impressed with how slick it looks! At first we weren't going to get the door sills done ... but we were impressed that it was very easy to make a phone call to Robert to add this on without changing our pickup date and time. Robert and his wife will treat you like family here! Before we left, Robert lets you know to watch the film over the next couple of days. If anything happens to it at all, he will fix it! You can see that Robert and his wife take true pride in what they do. Just like how a sushi chef takes pride in their artistry in the sushi that they make.

You won't get slicker and durable PPF for your car anywhere else!

P.S. Hoping that Robert opens up a dojo so that he could pass on his amazing PPF knowledge onto others. KA-pow!

Masumi T.

Honolulu, HI